The Importance of Being Accurate

HYPERBOLE, it seems, is the cardinal sin of Liberals these days. We exaggerate, blame everything on d45. Irrefutable proof that we’re DERANGED and clearly WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING. Never mind there are those who publicly condemn ALL PROTESTERS as America-hating bomb-throwing anarchists, or, better yet, ALL DEMOCRATS as Satan-worshiping pedophile cannibals. (I think the cannibal partContinue reading “The Importance of Being Accurate”

facebook paleontology

Wistful ignorance gone as a curious poke spears a still pond roiling sediments of neglected memories exposing a strata of petrified intentions rich veins and raw nerves here and here – ashes of periodic cataclysms lovingly blanketing layers below charcoal lines on a page yet porous – riddled with a labyrinth of tunnels small creaturesContinue reading “facebook paleontology”