Dude probably couldn’t point to Iwo Jima on a map – or pronounce it

original Iwo JIma flag raising with IDs
Staff Sgt. Louis Lowery, a combat photographer assigned to the 5th Marine Division,
captured this scene moments after the American flag was first raised on Iwo Jima, Feb. 23, 1945.

Debate is shifting from “He didn’t say that!” to “You can’t prove it!” to “Citing anonymous sources proves that all journalism is hooey!” FAKE NEWS! Can calls for government censorship be far behind?

As least no one is suggesting this time that he was joking.

When the shouting stops, and I confess I hope it continues for at least a few more news cycles, I don’t think any of that makes a difference. Honestly. Can it be proven in a court of law twenty years hence who said exactly what and every detail of the story objectively verified? Probably not. Who cares?

That the story is so UTTERLY PLAUSIBLE is damning enough.

He’s not a politician so he ruffles feathers. He speaks his mind even if it pisses people off. You never have to guess what he’s thinking. That’s what his devotees say.

The statements detailed in The Atlantic are COMPLETELY IN CHARACTER with all that’s publicly known about this individual. They are “of a piece” as it were. That he could and would say such things, even WORSE THINGS, doesn’t really surprise anyone.

If nothing else, this kerfuffle blows away the tissue of fantasies spun up recently about there being something even remotely resembling a decent, compassionate human being hidden beneath the abrasive exterior. Even the rNC speech writers had to admit that’s a side of him most people don’t see. Maybe because it’s not there?

Even more telling, in refuting the claims himself he can’t even decide what he should swear on. “Whatever” he says.

As if he can’t think of anything sacred.

–OP 090520

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