Just Keep Swimming and Think of the Children

Are you suffering from Compassion Exhaustion, Outrage Overload, or Good Old Fashioned Burn-Out?

We’ve been hearing a lot post rNC convention about liberals feeling depressed and demoralized. It’s only natural. It’s called GRIEF.

Those of us who chose to bear witness were subjected to the spectacle of our nation’s dearest symbols, landmarks, and institutions used as props in a banana republic spectacle of delusional grandeur. American soldiers and immigrants used as PROPS. It was cringe and sob inducing. Like watching someone you love dearly who’s been kidnapped being tortured on live TV. “We’re here, and they’re not!” spews the schoolyard bully. “What are you gonna do about it?”

Suck it up and just keep swimming is what we’re going to do.

Keep marching for racial justice and a nationwide reckoning and reconciliation for the sustained systemic oppression and disenfranchisement of people of color that threatens to rot our beloved country from the inside out like the cancer that it is. Wake up every day and think about what kind of world we want to hand off to our children, and their children.

If we don’t how can we look them in the eye? How can we explain how we stood by and let ourselves be out-shouted by those who claim Covid-19 and racism alike have both ALREADY BEEN CURED in America, and along with all the bad apples in the barrel will SIMPLY DISAPPEAR with no special effort required of anyone. Except, of course, the dead. Knocking on the door of 200K as of this writing.

So if you haven’t been run down by peace officers on horseback and WHIPPED AND CLUBBED for trying to cross a bridge, or beaten within an inch of your life MULTIPLE TIMES for riding a bus, or had your local church fire-bombed, and your neighborhood cut off from any promise of a better life by red lines on government approved maps and strategically maliciously-placed multi-lane no-mans-land moats of exclusion, you probably have nothing to complain about.

So take some deep cleansing breaths, SHAKE IT OFF, and resolve to get back to work with GOOD CHEER. Hope is energizing. Hope is nourishing. Don’t listen to the voices peddling despair. There’s no where to go anyway. So stay here and fight with us to make a better world for our children.

It’s hard, I know, but maybe this time our generation has to be the giving tree.

–OP 090620

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