Every Time a “Christian” Defends that Guy…

This isn’t a new one by any means, and of course I can’t take credit for it. Saw it in a catalog. T-shirt or bumper sticker, it’s a fine product from what looks to be a fine outfit.

A familiar lament echos through my head frequently these days, “How can someone who calls themselves a follower of Christ support that person?” I mean REALLY.

Sure, Jesus broke bread with the worst of the worst, but he didn’t elect him president and wouldn’t swallow every word he blurts without thinking. Jesus would gladly give you his coat but he never said it was OK to steal it. And he definitely wouldn’t give his car keys to some asshole packing bear mace.

And yet, if polls can be believed, support for d45 among self-identified Evangelical Christians is solid as the rock of Golgotha. No matter what comes out of that pie hole. What the FOXTROT?!?

I was recently reminded of something I vaguely recall hearing about but never gave much thought to – a sort of quasi-religious doctrine known as “the Curse of Cain” or “the Mark of Cain“. It’s an interpretation of the Bible that teaches dark skinned races are the cursed children of the first murderer. Cursed by God.

This racist perversion of scripture was long preached as gospel in many American churches, with ministers justifying segregation to the point of claiming there were separate heavens for blacks and whites – at least until the Southern Baptist Convention officially denounced (curious the Wikipedia article didn’t say renounced) racism and apologized for its past transgressions.

In 1995.

Those are the Evangelicals we’re talking about.

–OP 9/6/20

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