Truth or Consequences

Reaching back to the fevered days of Summer 2020, I recall many social media posts written in RIGHTEOUS FURY over of acts vandalism and other crimes against property. “When the looting starts – the shooting starts” someone said, and to my shame as a human I witnessed this intent repeated over and over in commentsContinue reading “Truth or Consequences”

North Dakota Adopts Ättestupa to Flatten the Curve as COVID Rages Through State

Just got off the phone with Mom who lives in North Dakota. I escaped long ago but still call on Sundays as a good son should. It’s heartbreaking to see what’s going on back home. Here’s a shocker: Mom skipped church last week – and she never skips church! Even when we went to theContinue reading “North Dakota Adopts Ättestupa to Flatten the Curve as COVID Rages Through State”

Every Time a “Christian” Defends that Guy…

This isn’t a new one by any means, and of course I can’t take credit for it. Saw it in a catalog. T-shirt or bumper sticker, it’s a fine product from what looks to be a fine outfit. A familiar lament echos through my head frequently these days, “How can someone who calls themselves aContinue reading “Every Time a “Christian” Defends that Guy…”

Just Keep Swimming and Think of the Children

Are you suffering from Compassion Exhaustion, Outrage Overload, or Good Old Fashioned Burn-Out? We’ve been hearing a lot post rNC convention about liberals feeling depressed and demoralized. It’s only natural. It’s called GRIEF. Those of us who chose to bear witness were subjected to the spectacle of our nation’s dearest symbols, landmarks, and institutions usedContinue reading “Just Keep Swimming and Think of the Children”

Dude probably couldn’t point to Iwo Jima on a map – or pronounce it

Debate is shifting from “He didn’t say that!” to “You can’t prove it!” to “Citing anonymous sources proves that all journalism is hooey!” FAKE NEWS! Can calls for government censorship be far behind? As least no one is suggesting this time that he was joking. When the shouting stops, and I confess I hope itContinue reading “Dude probably couldn’t point to Iwo Jima on a map – or pronounce it”

The Original MAGA Caravan

Portland “Patriots”, Kenosha militia, and at least one Southern congressman seem hell bent on mounting a real-life reenactment of the infamous final reel of American silent filmmaker D.W. Griffith’s 1915 civil war epic, The Birth of a Nation. If you think Gone With the Wind romanticizes the antebellum South and glosses over the evils ofContinue reading “The Original MAGA Caravan”

In Rwanda they did it with Machetes

It happened. Incited by wild rumors, everyday people, not soldiers, fanned out across the countryside, day after day, slaughtering their neighbors with hand tools. Hutus and Tutsis aren’t different tribes. It’s a class and economic distinction exacerbated by decades of colonial rule – farmers and cowboys quite literally. No one wanted to believe it wasContinue reading “In Rwanda they did it with Machetes”