Circles of Confusion

I know we HAVE TO go high when they go low, but don’t bring an encyclopedia to a mud fight is a good thought as is remember there are no insect politicians.

So tempting to try THE BIG LIE. Not just Onion flavored parody – I mean serious, bona fide loony toons MALINFORMATION.

If you’re still on trolling terms with any d45 supporters, wouldn’t it be fun to have something juicy you could post on their feeds and challenge them to CONFRONT THE ISSUE in a lengthy and serious debate.

If you wanted to start an OUTLANDISH RUMOR, create your own FAKE NEWS HEADLINE, or make up a CHILDISH NICKNAME, the meaner the better, what would it be?

OK, I’ll kick things off. All in good fun of course:

Dateline – Washington, DC: In a move calculated to stoke his most ardent supporters, sources inside the White House suggest the president is considering another posthumous pardon: Timothy McVeigh.

Your turn!

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