The Importance of Being Accurate

HYPERBOLE, it seems, is the cardinal sin of Liberals these days.

We exaggerate, blame everything on d45. Irrefutable proof that we’re DERANGED and clearly WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING.

Never mind there are those who publicly condemn ALL PROTESTERS as America-hating bomb-throwing anarchists, or, better yet, ALL DEMOCRATS as Satan-worshiping pedophile cannibals. (I think the cannibal part is a recent addition for those hold-outs who are OK with the other stuff but have to draw the line somewhere.)

Never mind that there are those who consider brandishing automatic weapons to INTIMIDATE legislators an appropriate exercise of free speech.

Never mind that there are those who maliciously inject childish name-calling and vicious slander into every conversation, insisting in bad faith that you refute their claims.

Never mind that there are those who watch bullies in uniform casually snuff out a life in broad daylight and chalk it up to “a few bad apples” and in the next breath scream for summary execution for the high crimes of graffiti and property damage.

LIBERALS need to get a handle on the HYPERBOLE. That’s the biggest problem in America these days. I’ve said it a million times.

In the game of WHACK-A-TROLL, the winning move is not to play.

–OP 082020

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