In Rwanda they did it with Machetes

It happened.

Incited by wild rumors, everyday people, not soldiers, fanned out across the countryside, day after day, slaughtering their neighbors with hand tools.

Hutus and Tutsis aren’t different tribes. It’s a class and economic distinction exacerbated by decades of colonial rule – farmers and cowboys quite literally.

No one wanted to believe it was happening, no superpower intervened, calmer heads did NOT prevail, it went on for 100 days and by some estimates over a million people died .

We assume it can’t happen in the U.S.A. at our peril.

Ridiculous, you say! Don’t exaggerate! You’re deranged!

But it’s hard to brush off reports that an alarming number of Americans are latching on to a bloody vision of the future that specifically embraces actions very much along these lines. Some are weaponizing the Bible to mask their murderous intent. “What would Jesus do?” you ask. “Trust the plan,” they say, with a knowing wink.

Think some folks can’t be reasoned with on Facebook? Wait ’til they show up at your door with an assault rifle and take you to task for your latest anti-d45 post.

–OP 082920

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